Outdoor Winter Activity: Foot Prints in The Snow.

In my homeschool, I try to have at least two outdoor activities per week for my girls. One of the activity this week was to find and identify the different foot prints in the snow.

20180116_1136311-e1516156572640-1.jpgWinter can be a slow and long time, especially for kids and living in Canada it can be really cold. So, this week it was not extremely cold and I decided to do an outdoor activity with my girls.

IMG_2879.jpgThe animals and birds who ran about the garden during the night have left a snowy record of their feet. To give my girls a little background about the activity we were going to do I asked them to ‘name some animals that you can see in the garden during the winter’, they instantly said birds and squirrels.

Then we headed out to the garden to see how many animal foot prints we could find. When we got outside the girls began to identify each of their own foot prints. They got a little carried away with making their own foot prints that I had to remind them to look for animal foot prints.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any animal foot prints in our backyard so I decided to visit the park. There we were lucky to find lots of squirrel foot prints going from one tree to the other. It seemed as if the squirrels were very busy finding their nuts as the snow was falling during the night.

Image 2018-01-30 at 7.56 PM.jpg

I didn’t want to interrupt the girls as they were discovering different kinds of prints in the snow. Some prints were made by the snow that had fallen from the tree tops.


The girls had lots of fun trying to trace the squirrel’s foot prints from tree to tree. They made up lots of stories about what the squirrels had been doing last night going from tree to tree. Then my eldest began counting how many hops it took the squirrel to go from one tree to the next.

My girls really enjoyed the outdoor activity and even made plans to come out again and see if they could find rabbit and bird foot prints too.




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