Quick, Easy and Cheap Activities for Preschool.

When I’m homeschooling my senior kindergartener, I don’t always have time to make activities for my preschooler. So for those rough days I use these items that are ready to play with from the Dollar store. Here are the items that I have found that make for great toddler activities and games:

Flash cardsimg_3509.jpg

Flash cards are easily available from the Dollar Store and they come with different learning activities (ABCs, colors, shapes, numbers, objects etc.). There are many ways of playing with flash cards, you can play together or let the child play on their own. Hold a card in front of your child and ask them to say what they see (they will get it wrong a couple of times but it’s a learning process).



One way of getting the child to play on their own is by buying colored popsicle sticks and asking your child to match the colours. Another way to play is by painting clothes pins different colours and having your child attach the pin with the correct coloured card. Some packs of flash cards come in pairs, these are great for the child to play matching games on their own or with you.

Cardboard booksIMG_3511

I love checking the dollar store for books especially hardcover cardboard books. These kinds of books are cheap and have great quality so they last a long time. You can find many different topics, sizes and materials of books at the dollar store. My preschooler loves books and I have even made a mini book collection for her.



Depending on the age of your toddler, you can find lots of different quality of puzzles such as foam, cardboard and wooden. These are great for my toddler, at first I had to show her a couple of times how to put the pieces together but it wasn’t long after that she began doing them herself!

To get the best deals and items be sure to visit the Dollar Store regularly because things in there move in and out a lot.

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