How to keep your toddler/preschooler busy

Toddlers are the sweetest little beings as long as they have your attention, but with homeschooling an older child how can you keep the toddler busy? Here are some activities that I have used with my toddler to keep her little hands busy (and you don’t have to be really creative to make these):

Pom-poms, pill container and felt


Buy a pill container, cut out rectangular shapes of different colors of felt and glue one color on each lid of the pill container.  Then empty a pack of pom-poms in a small container and ask your child to match the pom-pom with the correct color on the pill container. This activity is really fun because toddlers love to do things on their own (it makes them feel big) and they will learn their colors too.

Sorting and matching gamesIMG_3516

Buy a pack of foam blocks/pom-poms/ buttons, then cut out squares from different coloured construction paper and ask your child to put the correct coloured item on the matching card. Another learning game they can play with just the foam blocks is to sort and group the blocks according to their shape and color.

Sensory bins


These are my girls favourite!! I’m sure your pantry has some beans/pasta/rice laying around, well now is the time to use them. Empty containers with lids (I am using an empty swiffer mop container) are great for building sensory bins. Buy toys from the dollar store (animals, cars, trucks, plastic shot glasses, sand toys) then fill the bin with the beans and give the child the toys. You will be amazed at how much your toddler will play and learn from this.


Play-doh or any kind of dough is easily available from the Dollar Store, Walmart or any toy store. You can buy packs of plastic cookie cutters and different kinds of molds. Let your child be creative in what they make.

Stickers/crayons and notepad

img_3521.jpgYou can easily buy packs of stickers, crayons and notepads from the Dollar Store. Have your child unstick and stick stickers in the notepad to make their very own sticker book. Notepad and crayons are very enjoyable for toddlers as well. You can divide these activities into two or keep them together.

These activities are sure to keep your toddler busy while you teach your older child. I am sharing these activities to give you an idea for the wide range of things you can do/make for your toddler.


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