How to homeschool your kindergartener.

When I tell people my child is homeschooled they ask me “how do you get your child to sit down with you” and “my child doesn’t cooperate with me, how do you do it?” Here are some tips and tricks, that I have used, to help you get your child to sit (and be excited) for homeschool.


Choose the perfect time of day

Start by noticing when your child is in the best mood (after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch or after a nap) this will be the time when you will be able to get them to sit down with you. For my eldest it is right after breakfast but my preschooler likes late afternoons (usually after a nap). Every child is different and has different needs so adjust the timings that suit your child best. This is what I love about homeschool, the flexibility and ability to choose everything based on your child’s needs.

Choose activities based on interest


Next you want to choose activities that your child is interested in because they are more likely to sit down for what they are interested in. Start with a couple of activities per day and don’t over schedule the day. Let the child choose from the list of activities you have, by doing this you are giving the child an opportunity to show you their interests and they are more likely to do the less interesting activity too. After the child has gotten used to the routine try try starting with the most difficult or time consuming subject/activity first, this is because they require the more energy from the child. Also try having a fun/interactive activity scheduled for last, this way the child will look forward to it and finish his/her work.

Don’t rush to get work done

Homeschooling is very flexible; in terms of interest, work and schedule. If your child is not in the mood then don’t force them, give time to play (you will be surprised to see how much a kindergartener can learn from play) and also let them know that after play time they have to sit down for work. If you are starting homeschool with a preschooler then remember to make it fun, creative and hands on. With older children do not rush to finish a lesson, take it slow and easy. Do not be hesitant to make any changes if things don’t go as planned.

Enjoy your homeschool journey with your little ones, trust me you are going to be amazed by what your child can do. Have fun and be creative!

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