Winter Activity: Attend a Winter Festival!

Winter can have long, cold and snowy days but that should not restrict you to keep indoors. The beauty of every season should be enjoyed. One activity I had set for the winter was to attend a winter festival. We have never been to a winter festival so the whole family was very excited to go to one. We had to travel about 40 minutes to the town which was holding their 50th annual winter festival.


When we got there, the girls and I were surprised to see it was at a park with a lake! The lake was frozen and made into a beautiful skating rink. Luckily, the girls skating gear was in the trunk. After about 30 minutes of skating, we got back to exploring the festival.

The colourful childrens’ rides got the girls attention within seconds so we got them tickets and let them take a few rides.


The pony/horse rides were next on our list, the girls love horses and I think that was their favourite part from the whole festival. They both got on their own horse/pony and had a great ride.


After the rides we went in-front of the stage to listen to what the speaker was saying. It was time for the bird show, a couple of guys bought in 3 birds: a horned owl and two different kinds of hawks. They came off the stage and allowed the children and their parents to wear the glove and hold the birds on it.



At first the girls were very scared to hold/touch the birds, for a good 10 minutes they stood there and watched as the older kids got their turns. Finally, my eldest built the courage to go and hold the owl. She was so amazed as she looked at the horned owl, she noticed how sharp its claws were and she even complemented it on the colour of its feathers! Then she went up to the guy holding the hawks and asked if she could feel its feathers, they said yes and she pet it very gently. She told me that the hawk had the softest feathers. My 3 year old, however, did not pet the hawks nor did she hold the horned owl.20180204_142732

Then, we entered a draw where we had to buy 2$ buttons and see if the number on our button gets picked as the winner. Unfortunately we did not win the draws but the girls had fun listening to the numbers been announced and checking their buttons to see if they won or not. I spotted a cotton candy stand and purchased 2 for the girls so they don’t get disappointed for not winning the draw. As soon as they saw the cotton candy they completely forgot about the draw.


It was a good opportunity to get outside and celebrate winter. As much as we want to stay warm and cozy in-front of a fire, we should get outside and enjoy the cold and snow this season has to offer. It was also the perfect way to get outside and enjoy nature during this time of the year.


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