DIY Toddler Activities for Busy Moms

Homeschooling can be a bit chaotic when you have two toddlers running around screaming for your attention. The trick to homeschooling with toddlers is by keeping them entertained with different interesting and hands-on activities. Toddlers want to do things on their own and when deciding on what activities you should do, remember two key points:

  • Interest-led: Think about what your toddler’s interests are and what keeps him/her busy. If you choose activities that interest them, it is sure to keep them busy for 15-20 minutes.
  • Hands-on activities: I would suggest you don’t buy them preschool booklets, they are not ready for that kind of stuff yet. Toddlers love hands-on activities, so think about things that are big enough for them hold to and not be a choking hazard.IMG_3519

I have a detailed blog post in which I share preschool and toddler activities hands-on activities, both ready to use and easy to make, Click here. Sometimes even everyday items found in your home can be of use in keeping your child busy. I have listed a few quick, inexpensive ideas below:

  • Reuse older child’s activity sheets: don’t waste money on coloring books, I’m sure you have old used books from your older child. Your toddler will not mind at all if there are pencil or pen marks on the book, give them some crayons and leave them to explore the book on their own.
  • Measuring cups/spoons: depending on the age of your toddler, you can use things like buttons, pom-poms, or beads and measuring spoons and cups. then, have your child spoon out the different items into the measuring cups. They will love spooning buttons, for example, into different measuring cups or containers.
  • Recycle your recycling bin: old containers can come in handy; use plastic trays as paint containers or to spoon out buttons/beads into a smaller container. You can also use egg cartons for letting your child sort things based on their colour. I used empty paint containers (washed and cleaned) filled them with beads/beans/pasta/lentils to make mini shakers for my toddler.20180131_084427

These are just a few of the ideas that I have used with my toddler, you can use your creativity and items in your home to make many more. As a general thought, I believe if you spend some quality time with your toddler/preschooler before you start your homeschool, the child will not cry for your attention and will sit down with whatever it is you give them.


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