Teach your Child the 99 Names of Allah ﷻ

Why is it important to learn Allah ﷻ’s 99 names?

As a Muslim, I believe it is very important that children should be taught to both love and fear Allah ﷻ. However, the desire to love Allah ﷻ should dominate the fear we have of Him. Children should be taught about Allah ﷻ just as they are taught to eat, walk and talk and this learning aspect should not be left for them to learn when they ‘grow up’. As parents we should do our best to implement in our children the correct and complete belief in Allah ﷻ. There is no better way to instill love and belief in our children then through the names and attributes of Allah ﷻ. Memorizing and understanding His 99 names and attributes will further enhance this process. When a child learns about anything new, they first learn its name so they know what to call it. This is the same when a child learns about Allah ﷻ, they first learn His name and what to call Him.

The Quran says:

{And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them…}

(Qur’an 7: 180)

Allah ﷻ is mentioned by His beautiful 99 names in the Qur’an, the Qur’an speaks directly about Allah ﷻ and His names, attributes and actions. Allah ﷻ’s names and attributes reflect His mercy and love for His creation and when children learn these beautiful names they will learn about Allah ﷻ’s miracles and mercy in this world. To teach a child Allah ﷻ’s names is to teach about Allah ﷻ’s miracles in nature and show them the beauty He has created. When children have learned these names it will make their belief in Allah ﷻ strong and firm.

How to teach children Allah ﷻ’s 99 names?

The most important and affective way of teaching young children about something new is through stories. Teaching about Allah ﷻ through real stories will help children connect and feel a real sense of existence of Allah ﷻ in their life. Storytelling is a brilliant way of teaching children because not only are stories enjoyable for children, they will also remember and learn it more effectively. Relating Allah ﷻ’s names to concrete examples from the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ will help the child to better understand the meaning of the name/attribute and also remember it with the story.

Once the child has learned the name and heard the story a couple of times, it is good to keep on reminding him/her of the name in their everyday life. For example, when children go outdoors on nature walks they should be reminded about Allah ﷻ’s name AL-Khaliq which means The Creator. Ask your child questions such as “who made the sky? who made the mountains? who made the birds?” these types of questions help children to remember the name but also make them thankful for all that Allah has created. Another example is referring back to Allah ﷻ’s name Al-Muhyi which means the Giver of life. My 5 year old daughter always asks me how things are made and how plants grow so I tell her that Allah ﷻ is Al-Muhyi the Giver of life, He is the one who makes plants grow from a seed and the one who gives life to all the plants, animals and humans on this earth.

Free Download!

I have created a package of 11 names of Allah ﷻ for young children to learn, each is written in arabic first (for children to colour and trace) and then in English. Then I have listed a few points for parents to emphasize and teach the child. Finally, these names are explained through stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the Sahaba (R.A). You can download the package by clicking  Names and Attributes of Allah ﷻ.

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