Winter Activity: DIY Pinecone Bird Feeders

This week we made these DIY pinecone bird feeders, they are super easy to make and your child will definitely enjoy it! So lets get started!


You will need:

  • pinecones
  • butter (softened at room temp.)
  • wild bird seeds
  • string/yarn
  • scissors
  • plate and bowl
  • clean paint brush (I forgot to include it in the picture)


  1. On our nature walk in the park I had the girls collect pinecones (I told them we need big pinecones that are not broken or cracked). When we came home, I washed, cleaned and dried the pine cones; all prepped for the girls to use.
  2. I tied some yarn around the top of the pine cones.thumbnail_20180301_143710.jpg
  3. Using the paint brush, I had the girls cover the pine cones with softened butter.thumbnail_20180301_143759
  4. I put the bird seeds onto a plate and the girls took turns rolling their pinecones in the seeds until they were completely covered in seeds.
  5. We went into the backyard and hung the bird feeders on a branch of the pear tree because it was the furthest from the house. thumbnail_20180302_154210

The girls went out to see the bird feeders the next day and they looked pretty much the same, however three days later they saw the bird feeders had only half the amount of seeds. Today (two days later) there was one bird feeder missing and the other one had no seeds on it. Of course one child was in tears because her bird feeder was missing but I cheered her up with the promise to make more!!


I hope you enjoy making and watching these bird feeders as much as we did!!

Love and Peace,



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