Unit study: Iman

This week we started our unit on Iman. We talked about what Iman means in English and Arabic and then discussed the 7 pillars of Iman. We discussed that Iman is an Arabic word and in English it means faith; the faith of a muslim.

We went in depth of its meaning because it was still not clear to my 5yo what faith means. I explained to her that faith means to believe in something with all your heart and when you do that you have no doubt about what you believe in. If you have doubt in something then that means it might not be true. But Iman means to have faith, that is complete belief and trust in something or someone. Then I asked my daughter, “as a muslim what do we have Iman in?” and in a second she replied, “Allah!”

Then we learned that there are 7 pillars of Iman and as a muslim you need to have Iman in:

  1. Allah ﷻ
  2. His Angles
  3. His Books
  4. His Messengers
  5. The Day of Judgement
  6. The Hereafter
  7. Divine Destiny–everything good or bad comes from Allah ﷻ

Then we did a hands-on activity that I made up to help my daughter better understand Iman and its 7 pillars.

Hands-on Activity:20180324_211711.jpg

I cut out 7 hearts from pink construction paper and stapled them together from the side. To hide the staple, I cut out a small rectangle and glued it to the front of the first heart and the back of the last one. Then I glued the last heart to the centre of a red sheet of construction paper.

The aim of this hands-on activity was to help my 5yo understand that to be a muslim we have to believe, with all our heart, in the 7 pillars of Iman.


thumbnail_20180327_181612.jpgthumbnail_20180320_142309                      On the first heart I had her write Allah ﷻ (the first pillar of Iman). I asked her “what do you believe about Allah?” she replied, “He is One and the Creator of everything”. I helped her write these points down under the name of Allah ﷻ.


On the second heart we wrote the second pillar and discussed very briefly about the Angels (the next lessons of this unit will go into depth on each pillar). We discussed that Allah ﷻ created the angles from white light and talked about how we cannot see the angels but that does not mean they are not real. I told her about the time when the angel Jibrael  came to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with the first revelation of the Qur’an at a cave called Hira.


The third pillar of Iman, Books, was written on the third heart. We discussed that the Qur’an is the word of Allah ﷻ and it was given to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. I told her that the Qur’an has the answers to all of our questions, in the Quran is the words of Allah ﷻ and we should learn it and understand what Allah ﷻ is saying to us.


The forth pillar, Messengers, was my daughters favourite and we got a little carried away with this one (she loves to hear the stories about the Prophets). We wrote the name of the first prophet, Adam (AS), and the last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and discussed that as part of our Iman we have to believe in all the Prophets that came between the first and last and that no one will come after Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.


The fifth pillar was relatively new for my 5yo so I talked about it very briefly mentioning that after we die Allah ﷻ will bring us back to life, all the people from Adam (AS) to the last person will be there and on that day Allah ﷻ will judge our deeds, both good and bad. Of course she asked me when is that day and I told her that only Allah ﷻ knows when that day is. Then based on our deeds, Allah ﷻ will decide whether we go to Jannah or Jahanum.


This led to the sixth pillar, the Hereafter. On this heart we talked about how Allah ﷻ has created two places out of this Duniya, called Jannah and Jahanum and according to what deeds we do in the Duniya Allah ﷻ will decide where we will go. This was a little challenging for my 5yo, she asked me that “won’t Allah forgive me for my mistakes?”, I replied, “yes He will if we ask Him for forgiveness and try our best not to make the mistake again”. And this discussion flowed into the last pillar about Divine Destiny.


We discussed that as muslim we believe that everything happens with the will of Allah ﷻ; the good and the bad all come from Allah ﷻ. Allah ﷻ knows everything, He knows what will happen to you before you even grow up, He knows if you will be a good muslim or not, and he knows all this before it even happens.

At the end of the week we went over the heart and reviewed the 7 pillars and then I stuck the heart on the whiteboard where she could see it everyday.

Stay tuned for the next lessons on this unit of Iman!

Peace and Love,



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